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So for the past 2 weeks in EPJ we've been working on hand-making a photo slideshow in Flash. It's been a while since I've done flash work, but it all comes back quick. Here's a link to it. Everything went pretty smoothly except for the preloader percentage counter. Apparently CS5 has an issue with dynamic text boxes (google it). I enjoy flash and look forward to incorporating more of it into my web portfolio.

Also, on Monday our audio interview was due. Since I've been busy and fell behind I'll blog about it now. Here's a link. Larissa and I went apple picking few weeks back and I had just enough foresight to bring along an audio recorder. We met the owner and interviewed her there. It's great to talk about doing interviews in a quiet and secluded place to get as clean sound as possible, but sometimes it's just not practical. Pam, the owner/operator, was hesitant enough to be recorded, I know she would have said flat out no had I tried to relocate to a quieter place. So I made due with what I could.
The first part of the interview (not included) was plagued with someone mowing nearby. I also have a terrible tendency to respond to people talking with "yeahs...rights...hmmms..." and so on. Great for conversing, terrible when recording audio. In producing it i realized how lost I am sometimes in journalism. I'm sure my piece may be journaistically in the grey with my dub-ins and such. In retrospect, I should have scripted my voice overs differently. I'm just new to this and am coming at this from more of a PR production background and it is only now that I realize how different rules can be.

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