While more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs, compact florescent lamps use a fraction of the amount of energy for equivalent lighting, which results in lower utility bills and less energy required from power plants. According to energystar.gov a 60W equivalent CFL can save as much as $40 in electricity over its lifetime. Countries around the world are fazing out traditional incandescent bulbs in favor of more energy efficient forms of lighting.

So here they are, side-by-side, my dark field and bright field glass lighting...light bulbs. I was pretty pleased with the way the shoot when. Thanks Kristen for the help and ideas. We ran into a few issues as we were setting up, and it took a while before we were shooting, but the images came out well. We first had to overcome some backlighted fishing line. Then some major light flaring. But all in all I am pretty happy with what we came out with. I only wish I had more illumination from the CFL itself. It was after the fact that I thought about slowing down my shutter speed to let more light in and give it a bit more of a dramatic look.

Now I am notoriously bad a selecting the wrong final image to turn in. It's why I posted both here. I turned in the dark-field. Which probably means the bright-field is the one I should have turned in.

Lighting diagram.


  1. Great concept and execution! I hated that assignment...

  2. That bright field image is banging.
    Great concept, nicely executed. Simple yet, effective. Good job duder.