missouri's civil war

This is not really the project I envisioned when I started working on this, but it turned out decent for my first historical/micro-documentary-ish piece.  We originally discussed this piece looking more at what remains from the Civil War and while this does that to some extent, when I watch it I think I am missing a feeling of reverence that I wanted to convey.

This has been a difficult semester with respect to connections and getting things to work out; this project takes the cake.  I have a laundry list of attempted contacts and connections that for one reason or another did not materialize into work for this project.  However, the people and organizations that did go into this were excellent and incredibly helpful and willing to do all they could to aid this piece.

I think the weakest part is the Omer Weaver section - while it does give a personal connection to historical documents, I had to lose other sections to keep it and I now wonder if the piece as a whole would have been better served by losing Omer.  Mostly, it is visually weak and was difficult to cover which I think shows in the end.

I would have liked to incorporate more video and more artifacts, but in the end I think the piece does communicate connections to the past and why it is important to preserve places and objects for others to experience.    

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