Painting with Light

So here is our groups painting with light. We really didn't have many ideas/options of where to go, what to do, or when to do it, but we ended up at an old pump station off of the MKT trail that I had found. The building was pretty gnarly and while we had fun with the assignment, I think if we had it to do again we could have improved a few things. And yes that is me creeping in the bushes with my Halloween mask on.

An old pump station, located off the MKT trail near Forum Road, has become home to wildlife, animals, graffiti art, and some spooky shadows. According to a Missourian article, 3M plans to restore much of the MKT trails, including the pump station, planning to remove the roof and turn it into an observation station. Until then, it remains a creepy sight for bicyclists and other people on the trail.

And my beautifully color-coded lighting diagram:

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