Duel Wielding Flashes

So I know this is coming a little late but here's my multiple flash. Kristen and I shot the Duncan Heritage Yo-Yo Tour that came through Cool Stuff. Obviously we had to do some color correction at the same time. This went better then color correction week and while we got pretty close I still think we were a bit off.
It was crowded and not the easiest shooting experience but I got a few descent frames out of it. Below is the frame I selected. Jack was chatting with a guy that was standing above me and to my right, and I think that shows through in the frame but maybe I'm just fooling myself.

Jack Ringca, 32, is "rocking the cradle" for a crowd at Cool Stuff on Tuesday November 9, 2010. Jack got into yo-yoing in college and was a 2005 National Champion. The Duncan Yo-Yo Heritage Tour was in Columbia, Mo as part of a national tour in which they demonstrate tricks and explain the history of the yo-yo.

And a beautiful lighting diagram:

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