Color Correction

So this week went much better as far as flash work goes. we were allowed to dial the flash down a notch and make use of some of the available light instead of blasting the crap out of our people. I shot in two locations: the first was a coffee cupping at Kaldi's, and the second was the bowling alley here in Columbia.
Kaldi's went alright, although I still have a case of the stick-a-strobe-in-your-left-hand-and-suddenly-become-as-dumb-as-rocks-at-photography. Much of what I shot was dark, and everything was yellow, although if you've been in Kaldi's here you will in fact know that everything is in fact yellow. Yellow walls, yellow callings, yellow submarines (what?!). I had dialed my flash down a bit as to not blast it, but I think I dialed it down a bit too much and kind of forgot. But as far as the color correction goes I think I did alright. I started with the full blue to compensate for the tungsten-strobe discrepancy, but this cooled things a bit too much, so I switched to the half-blue. This frame was actually after the cupping and was in fact the last frame I shot there.

My bowling alley photos were a bit messier. I had lights mixing since I was there on a bright sunny afternoon, and although it had florescent lights everywhere, they weren't quite as cool as the florescent setting on my camera expected. I gelled with the tough plusgreen and it helped some but things seemed a bit cool. Below is the frame from this set I was thinking about turning in, but in the end I went with the one above from the cupping.

And as always, the beautiful lighting diagram for the cupping photo:

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