Notes, web-work, and someday photos

Well, I got my new index up for the website up and working last week, and this week added in a slideshow. It works perfectly...on a large monitor. And if you are viewing this on a laptop screen you might be thinking, huh - I thought this was a slideshow and typically slideshows have little arrows that allow you to navigate through it; you would be correct. I had looked at the pages many times on my laptop screen, but I always loaded it locally (from the file I was working on and not from the web.misosuri internet address). Locally, the page works fine and you are able to scroll to see the bottom of the page. However, up on web.missouri for some reason it won't let you scroll to the bottom. This is awesome, since all the navigation for the slideshow, and all the caption info is at the bottom.
Yes, yes this is why everyone who knows what's up builds pages in percentages so the pages scales, but I have yet to figure that out. But one would think that if there is more stuff at the bottom of the page you would have the option to scroll down and see it (and yes I know its there, if you look at it on a bigger screen it all is perfect). I guess that's too much to expect. And I guess I loose more points.
Tuesday I'll be in the studio shooting portraits. It should be fun and I have a few ideas that I hope work out well. The big-time strobes should be fun to work with.

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