Mizzou Observatory

Here's the video:

And here's my evaluation:

This was not exactly the project that I set out to do.  I had quite a bit that fell through, and had some major weather issues.  We have had about 85% beautifully clear evenings the past three weeks in mid-Missouri, but of course that leaves 15% rainy and cloud-covered which seems to happen every Wednesday evening when the observatory is to be open. 

I set out to show the observatory and how it is used, hoping to combing sciency/techy and human interaction with space.  I shot plenty of details, but for this I used relatively few because I wanted more of a human element in it.  This allowed my to incorporate a wider variety of things I shot, including the star gazing night with the Central Missouri Astronomers Association and some of the more captivating statements from Dr. Speck. 

Personal criticisms - my visuals get repetitive.  I have too many of the telescope/people.  I need to combine these with more details shot during observations (to keep the red light unified) and what I really hope to get still is a few astro-shots through the telescope. I included a few images that I are technically weak, but fit the story the best.  The weakest images were all from my first shoot, which I have planned on replacing once the observatory is open again.  Additionally, I began this project with a time-laps in mind  which would take the place to the single image of the observatory with the door open.  I still want to do this the next time weather permits.  Finally, I needed a little more natural audio - crickets and people talking in the background do very little to place a viewer in the situation.  I regret not collecting audio my second time in the observatory - my thinking was that I would focus on getting solid visuals since I was still unsure if I could make this work and collect audio the next time…which I am still waiting for.  There's a big lesson to learn here.

I plan on continuing work on this and when I have it in a form that I am more pleased with, I will re-post.  I need nat. sounds and I need a larger variety of images in the observatory.  I'll get these, and more, and then I'll be happier with it.

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