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I had the pleasure of spending a week with Katie Falkenberg while she was in town for POYi judging last February. I recall a conversation we had about some of her larger projects, which included a story on moutaintop removal mining. I had seen the work before and liked it, looked at it in the midst of judging and realized how well it had been done, and looking at it now I realize that it has pretty much everything a good story needs:

There's a reverent topic/issue at hand - energy issues, environment, human's impact, big business etc. All of which I am really interested in.

All the shots - there's wides, aerials (absolutely needed for scope of the project), portraits, details

The ordering - every few shots brings you back to the topic at hand - the mountain, energy, impact.

And of course, the human element - how this impacts people who call it home.

All in all, a great photo story. So take a look:

Screenshot from: http://www.katiefalkenberg.com/#/the-human-toll--mountaintop-removal-mining/001

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